Alpine Rescue Switzerland

Multi-channel design system

Alpine Rescue Switzerland (ARS) is increasingly working with digital tools for rescue missions, marketing and communication. Together with ARS, we have established the basis for a modern look and user-friendly designs across all channels.

About the mandate

The ARS is a nonprofit organization with over 3600 rescuers in various specializations. They face emergencies in which digital tools can simplify and accelerate the help and rescue. Since 2021, the rescuers have no longer been alerted by pager, but via a smartphone app. Administrative tasks such as personnel management, planning of training courses, individual compensation for rescue operations or the structured filing of training material are also handled via IT systems. The ARS communicates to its members via the website and a magazine called "Bergretter", which is published twice a year. We were asked by ARS to analyze their current tool landscape and derive a roadmap how the appearance of ARS can be modernized across all channels.
Rescuers on an excursion in the snowy alpsRescuers on an excursion in the snowy alps
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This analysis lead to the creation of a design system that aims to reflect the revised appearance of the ARS in both digital applications and print. The challenge was to develop a flexible and manageable component library, that provides a clearly recognizable brand, but is also adaptable to different tools and platforms with reasonable effort. The design system has been applied to the website, the tools for digital alerting (web platform and mobile App), the "Bergretter" magazine, the annual report and on templates for PowerPoint slides.
Screenshot of the ARS Homepage
Screenshot of ARS mission control desktop app
Screenshots of ARS mission control mobile app
Image of a page from the ARS magazine "Bergretter"

Our efforts

Create a basis with the design system to revise the ARS brand. Coordination with the developers of the website and the alerting software, close communication and coordination with the marketing and communications department of ARS, creation of various print templates, illustrations and graphics.


  • Updating the existing brand language.
  • Design system and component library that can be used for print and digital products