Our services

Visualize your target

Contextual inquiry

We follow the users of your application during their daily activities and analyze all their workflows. Taking their perspective helps identifying pain points and to understand their mindset. Contextual inquiry is a User-Centered Design research method.

Expert review

As usability experts, we analyze your application and figure out its usability potential. Together with you, we will prioritize every specified issue and help develop a usability roadmap.

Vision mockups

Sometimes you just want to spark an idea. Based on a personal discussion we create screendesigns of your product, which help you present your vision to your stakeholders.

The path to your goals

User Journeys

With user journeys we line out all possible steps a user takes to achieve a certain goal with an interactive system. We map decision points that take the user from one step to the next and illustrate how to achieve a enjoyable user experience.

Design sprints

Design sprints are a structured step-by-step system for solving big problems within a diverse team. In one or two weeks we create a user journey and prototypes to evaluate the key ideas of a project.

Identity design

We help you channel the character of your product or brand. We sharpen the transported messages and highlight the identity of your project.

Sample aquisition


Developing a shared understanding of a product is key for wise decision making. We excel at creating fast and sophisticated prototypes, allowing you to test a product before jumping into cost heavy development.

User testing

In usability tests we observe your users and how they solve specified tasks. This helps us identify usability and user experience issues within your product. We discover problems early and can react accordingly.

Development support

We work with your developers and not against them. We understand them and are aware of the impact design decision can have on the development. We document your project accurately, allowing a proper hand-off. During development we offer ideas for the realization of features and support for a high quality of the design implementation.

Our interests

Creative coding

Creating forms and patterns with code is a joyful way to explore the possibillites of technology.


We see teaching as a way to rethink our way of working and to discuss ideas with ambitious people.

Climbing / Bouldering

It's no accident that our office is so close to the next gym. Climbing helps us focus.