Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH

Education landscape

The Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is an application-oriented university. Continued education, research and development are central to the school's mission statement. For the Strategy Update we implemented the concept of an illustrated landscape.
An illustrated landscape of Bern, Zollikofen and Biel

About the project

Diverse, sound, dynamic - these values characterise the BFH. They are also reflected in the strategy and were developed in a broadly based process that included the whole of BFH with all of its various departments, committees and disciplines.
Icons for the key values.

Our effort

The different facets of the institution were illustrated on a map. In personal discussions with the BFH, we sought appropriate visualizations for local characteristics and ensured that topics from all departments were included. In the brochure, the strategic goals were additionally underlined with pictograms.
Brochure for BFH
Topdown view of the brochure
The opened brochure with the illustrated landscape.
For once our work was not only published digitally but also printed as a bilingual brochure. The overall concept and typographical design of the brochure was created by Etage Est. Redefine developed all illustrative elements.


  • Creating one big homogenous landscape
  • Including manyfold topics
Philipp understands contexts, thinks ahead and presents visually appealing solutions. He is precise and due to his quick comprehension works very efficient.“
Esther Jenni
Etage Est, Owner