SVUPP exchange

Exchange platform
for pediatricians

A web platform for doctors to facilitate communication between them and ultrasound experts as well as ultrasound certifiers.

The situation

All swiss pediatrics need to be certified to perform ultrasound examinations. The SVUPP exchange enables a coordinated certification process. It further enables the inclusion of a ultrasound experts, if any diagnosis of a given patient is unclear and needs to be reviewed. In summary the SVUPP exchange platform simplifies the communication between doctors, experts, and certifiers significantly.

Our efforts

In collaboration with the developers at Supercomputing Systems (SCS), Redefine was responsible for the user workflow, interaction concept and the visual design of the platform. We followed a very minimalistic user centered approach and included three very different pediatricians as key users. They provided professional insights in several workshop and testing sessions.


  • Combining the different user requirements into a product, that meets their individual expectations.
  • Finding a long living visual language, that is minimalistic, neutral and fitting a doctors practice.