Validate ideas immediately

Innohack, an innovative market research company based in Zurich, embarked on a mission to simplify the testing of product concepts.

Innohack focuses on agile processes and testing based on real customer data. Working with Redefine, Innohack wanted to transform their method of concept testing into an easy-to-use platform that would allow market research teams to quickly leverage social media for product development.
Create your own concept test
Offer a basic set of ideas
Review the drafts provided by innohack
Review the drafts provided by innohack
Receive a report after the test is completed
Get insights from the gathered data
The web application maps the process of the concept test, from the idea to the final ads for publication, and through to the final evaluation. Its aim is to provide a valuable tool for all market research professionals to make data-driven decisions with confidence.
Collage of screenshotsCollage of screenshots

Our effort

Innohack partnered with Redefine to evaluate the main concepts of their platform. Using rough sketches and quick mockups, we iterated rapidly. We ran two weekly sprints with Innohack and at the end of each week, we consolidated all findings into a design prototype. The resulting design mockups and the prototype were used to gather feedback from market researchers and to evaluate and realize the platform by the developers.


  • Adapting the playful brand of innohack into a professional daily business platform.
  • Simplify usability patterns while dealing with the intricacies of market research and product concept validation.
The workshops were focused and constructive, Redefine matched our quick pace of work and quickly delivered ideas that turned our thoughts into a tangible vision.
Raphael Nerz
Innohack, Founding Partner