Mobile alerting

Fireplan is a management software for fire brigades. Its features include alerting and coordination, personnel administration and health checks. This allows any type of fire brigade to tackle their alarms, be it five or five thousand per year.

About the project

The mobile app works as a complementary product. Redefine designed the app based on the ideas of CODE3 and created mockup views for all essential parts of the app. Different navigation concepts have been provided and tested to offer the flexible solution Fireplan aimed for.
Fire truck and ambulance in front of a sunset

Our efforts

The goal was to develop an adaptable design language that can be used on different mobile devices and works for both iOS and Android. Both a light and a dark mode were designed. All templates and assets were provided and documented for development.
Screenshots of fireplan app: Activation key, open navigation and active alarm
Screenshots of the fireplan app


  • Creating a flexible design language.
  • Provide a self explaining app structure.
We thank Redefine for the straightforward design approach and the simple way of communication.“
Bojan Slegel
Fireplan, Managing Director