SBB Swiss Federal Railways

Drivers view to the rail network

SBB Swiss Federal Railways maintains multiple diagnostic vehicles monitoring the condition of their rail infrastructure. Video data gathered in this process is now easily accessible for all employees of SBB.

About the project

The SBB's diagnostic vehicles permanently monitor the swiss rails for damage and potential safety risks. Along the way they not only measure the tracks but also capture video data.
Screenshot of RCM video start screen
Screenshot of RCM video track string selection
Screenshot of RCM video video player
Screenshot of RCM video filter overlay
These videos have become handy in many situations, e.g. planning maintenance work or structural interventions. Thus the project team wanted to make the recorded visual data accessible to all SBB employees.
View from within the drivers cabin of a modern trainView from within the drivers cabin of a modern train

Our effort

In cooperation with SCS, Redefine developed a simple design for a web portal where the SBB employees can browse and view the complete stored video data. We created a simple prototype to evaluate our ideas. This was the starting point of a cost-effective implementation. The application is based on the existing SBB Styleguide and therefore fits well into the existing application eco-system.


  • Clustering of train tracks.
  • Design for a cost-effective implementation.