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Yooture is a Zurich based startup that created a job platform as simple as any modern dating app. It connects the best candidates with the matching vacancies. A win win for both companies and jobseekers.

About Yooture

Yooture's product quickly became one of the leading platforms on the swiss market. It connects people open to new job opportunities with the most suitable companies and their specific job profiles. The concept is simple. Similar to many online dating platforms, the Yooture app matches vacant job profiles and candidates by comparing the relevant skills, experience, education and other criteria.
Not only does the Yooture app make finding a new job extremely easy for jobseekers, it also reduces the workload for HR management, by eliminating candidates who do not match the profile. The Yooture web application for corporates is the tool for recruiters, head hunters and HR managers.

Our efforts

Redefine helped the founders of Yooture transfer their vision into an intuitive user interface. A unique look and feel, a joyful user experience for both the app and the online platform for companies as well as for candidates was provided.


  • Transforming the playful design of the app into a daily business web platform for managers.
  • Keeping usability patterns simple despite the complexity of the matter.