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An new media archive for journalists

SRF has redesigned the web application of their internal video and audio media archive, where their journalist’s research process has been streamlined and optimized to be more intuitive and less error prone. The inclusion of user groups within the design process led to a high acceptance and thoroughly validated results.

About the project

The journalists at SRF rely on an internal media archive to find suitable imagery and audio content for their shows and projects. They can execute complex search queries, analyse extensive meta data and order the relevant content to be delivered directly to their video or audio workspaces in highest quality.
Over time, the previous user interface was expanded to include lots of features. This organic growth resulted in a loss of clear hierarchy and a cluttered interface, thus making it challenging especially for irregular users to obtain relevant results.
The objective of the redesigned media archive was to enhance efficiency, to modernize used technologies and to adapt the visual appearance to the current SRF corporate design standards.
On a user interface level the research process was simplified, complexity while ordering and shipping content was reduced and clever interaction patterns were introduced to facilitate the browsing and scanning of content. Ultimately these updates to the user interface improve the overall experience.
TV presenter sitting in front of a camera in a TV studioTV presenter sitting in front of a camera in a TV studio

Our efforts

Beginning with wireframes and an initial concept, our design process prioritized meeting the needs of the app's intended users. Through monthly workshops with the client’s project manager and the diverse journalists we got direct feedback, gaining valuable insights to justify our decisions. We then incorporated those into our designs and conducted additional user validation. This iterative approach allowed us to create a solution that effectively addresses the users' requirements and preferences.
Our partner Super Computing Systems (SCS) developed the software and kept an eye on the technical feasibility of our ideas throughout all workshops and iterations.
Screenshot of the new media archive's search results
Screenshot of the ned media archive's player view with hover interaction
Screenshot of the new media archive's player view with a modal overlay
Screenshot of the new media archive's audio player view with hover interaction
Screenshot of the new media archive's checkout process with hover interaction
Screenshot of the new media archive's empty state with open filters


  • Meeting the distinct needs of both radio and video programs, ensuring the search tool accommodates both formats seamlessly.
  • Integrating the new search tool into the existing branding of SRF, maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout the platform.