Monitoring packaging robots

Schuberts packaging machines process almost everything, i.e. food, snacks, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The wide range of applications requires a highly adaptable and flexible user interface. Redefine helped create a control panel, mounted on the machine itself and a configuration software running on remote workstations.

About the project

Schubert Packaging Systems has been developing tailor-made end-of-line packaging robots for over 50 years. They provide their clients with modular packaging lines, that are configured to match their precise and individual requirements. These may include tracability and documentation of every single product, visual quality control through high speed cameras, custom configuration of printed labels and of course the planning of predefined batches and the audit of all relevant processes.
Schubert packagin machine with mounted touch displayA packaging machine
© Schubert
While adapting the control software to modern web technologies, Schubert took the chance to optimize the usability and user experience of their product. Redefine helped shape a completely new user interface.

Since the functional requirements were already defined, we started by drafting lo-fi sketches with pen and paper, focussing on the optimization of the content architecture, navigation and the simplification of the workflows. These sketches were then evaluated in workshops with various internal stakeholders and domain experts.

For our partner Super Computing Systems (SCS), who was responsible for the software development, these sketches were the starting point for the technical specification of the user interface. Meanwhile Redefine transformed them into high-end screen designs, based on Schubert's corporate identity.
Various pens on drawn UI sketchesVarious pens on drawn UI sketches

Control Panel

The product can be devided into two parts. One part, is available on the embedded control panel of the packaging line. Here the basics like starting, observing and tracking a batch are handled by manufacturers on a touch screen. In this context the user interface must be easily comprehensible to avoid incorrect actions, offer a clear exception handling and allow input with hindered circumstances like wearing gloves.
Screenshot of the control panel's main menu
Screenshot of the control panel's batch overview
Screenshot of the control panel's camera output
Screenshot of the control panel's aggregate browser
Screenshot of the control panel's rework dialog

Remote Workstation

The other part is  accessible on remote workstations, and optimized for interaction by mouse. This is where the general setup of the packaging line and the batch configuration are done. The challenge was to translate complex functional requirements into simple and reusable interaction patterns.
Configurator screenshot of package models, with a drag and drop interaction
Configurator screenshot of the add production counter dialog
Configurator screenshot of counter group details
Configurator screenshot of parameter details
Configurator screenshot of user management list

Our efforts

We designed a consistent, intuitive interaction concept, that helps both engineers and manufacturers fulfill their tasks. With the new visual style, the Schubert brand will be recognisable on all future packaging lines.


  • Visibility of critical status messages
  • Modular design language
  • Adapting the visual design for touch and click