Smart luxury watch for muslims

The watches by Aramedes combine modern technology with the tradition of high-quality watch craftsmanship. The models designed for muslims assist in observing prayer times, and with the built-in compass, the precise direction to Mecca can be indicated.
Close up of the different mechanical details of the smart watchClose up of the different mechanical details of the smart watch
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About the project

Aramedes watches connect to a smartphone via bluetooth. Through the smartphone's GPS location, the exact position of the sun based on current coordinates can be calculated, enabling the announcement of prayer times with the highest precision. The compass integrated into the watch also aids in aligning towards Mecca during prayer.
To fully utilize the watch, some processes need to be configured and data collected, requiring the appropriate smartphone app for the watch. The design of the application should meet high quality standards while being simple and efficient, minimising the time spent on configuration and providing troubleshooting guidance.
Smartphone app screenshots of the home screen, settings and the calibration of the watch

Our efforts

Collaborating with the client and the developers of the watch and smartphone app, we were heavily involved in the development of the smartphone app through an iterative process, from initial sketches to the final design. We devised user interface concepts, illustrated all graphics, and molded the branding into a consistent and high-quality design while also providing advisory support to Aramedes in prioritizing key features for the initial release.


  • Creating an intuitive representation of interactions with externally connected devices.
  • Striking a harmonious design balance between oriental ornaments and Swiss simplicity.